I Crossed the Finish Line

Yeah Debbie


I walked the 8K. And the hubby won’t stop busting my chops.

Okay, I get it: he ran the half marathon.

People who were running the half marathon (12 point something miles) were passing me during my 8K (4 point something miles). He didn’t pass me – so shut up.

But weirdly, I’m proud of myself. I’m a walker but I usually stop and look at things or talk to people.

But this time I strapped on my sneakers and walked. At a pretty good clip, I might add.

A few people along the route cheered me on with “good for you.” One elderly gentleman added “just keep moving.” I figure he must’ve recently watched “Finding Nemo” with his grandchildren.

And I guess that’s the point: Just keep moving.

I’ve watched people I care about get older and have trouble moving due to neurological problems, arthritis and other “aging” ailments.

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