For Goodness Sakes! Don’t Let FB “Depress” You!!!


Wow!  Here is some new news that may DEPRESS Face Book users!  “Too much time spent on this social media site causes sadness AND depression” according to a very recent study by the University of Michigan.  The study followed 82 young study subjects, and found that the more they went onto FB, the more feelings of sadness, envy, loneliness and anger they felt!  There is a growing body of evidence that also supports this belief.

What the researchers did was to text the subjects 5 times a day to aske detailed questions about “How they felt” the last time they logged onto their FB accounts.  They found that the negative emotions including depression were directly correlated  with whatever they saw, read and/or absorbed from their FB “visit!”  Rather than the possibility that they went “on” FB when they were sad, lonely, depressed, etc., the researchers were confident that the site 

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