The Obituary Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story

beautiful tribute


My mom died two days ago. Reading her obituary, people will know that she has three daughters and was married to my father who predeceased her and that she was born in Ukraine etc.

But it doesn’t tell anyone who she was.

First of all, my mother was a saint. Truly. If you met my mom and she told you that her children were conceived by immaculate conception, you would believe her. That’s how she came off.

She spent many years doing clerical and secretarial work for a few different insurance companies. The women at work would tease her because of her “gosh darns.” One day she actually cursed – a real four-letter word – and everyone in her office stood up and applauded.

And anyone who knew her would vie for a coveted invitation over for dinner. Mom was the best cook. And I’m not just saying that. Ask…

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